8 February 2012

For Valentine's Day - all You Need is Love (Letters)

The most desired romantic gesture one in five women (21%) crave is to be sent a love letter. And that goes for you guys too- 20% of you would also like to receive a love letter. Alas quite a few of us will be disappointed.
 But if any of your guys ( or girls) would like to send their loved one such a romantic letter but don't know how to go about ir then QVC is at hand... Read on.....

To help bring back old-fashioned romance this Valentine’s Day, QVC has hired illustrator Kate Forrester to create a beautiful romance-inspired design for Brits to write their love letters on. Poet Christine Miller will also be on hand to help Brits struggling to find the right words by penning verses for their loved ones. With a dedicated email address (found at www.qvcuk.com/loveletters), anyone can send in the details of their special someone and QVC will arrange delivery of a personalised love letter for them in time for Valentine’s Day.
QVC will be sending out the personalised love letters in the week before Valentine’s Day so that all recipients receive their special notes in time for the 14th February. Limited to one love letter per person, anyone can log on to www.qvcuk.com/loveletters before 9th February when nominations will close. So log on NOW!!

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