24 February 2012

UNIQLO to give out thousands of free socks this weekend in Westfield London

Uniqlo will be handing out individual socks from 24-26 Feb along the mall in Westfield London.
Once you have your sock, you will then go to the Uniqlo store to complete the pair for free. 

Uniqlo manufactures hundreds of kinds of socks and  613 varieties .

Made for all: Uniqlo think of their items of clothing as components from woch you can build the mix that best suits your lives. They offer the basics including the sock, and the not so basics in a broad range of colours, finishes and materials.

For the humble sock they’ve concentrated in making sure it stays up, but is not too tight; to make sure that the ankle is in the right place and that the colour holds even after Hundreds of washes.

So if someone offers you a single sock whilst shopping in Westfield London, don’t think of it as odd, just think of it as lonely and you need to get searching for its perfect match.
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