22 February 2013

PEdALED AW13 Limited Editon Collection - Born Again

PEdALED's AW13 collection is a fusion of garments that work coherently so you can enjoy your ride whilst looking great
A Limited Edition of 30 pieces each jacket is the'Born Again' range. The 're' line features pieces constructed from reused military materials and vintage cycling garments.

The aviator jacket 650 Euros
Ergonomic sleeves for cycling, angled button pockets, fabric from recycled military stock.

The 3 Button Jacket 1300 Euros
Fabric: linen from Brooks E. and vintage cycle jersey Ergonomic sleeves for cycling

The Borosk Jacket 400 Euros
Japanese fashion designer Hideto Suzuki and founder of PEdALED says ‘ I dislike the smell of gunpowder and argument. I like the scent of nature and peace. I re-use the military materials so that they are Born Again.’


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