24 February 2013

YMC (You Must Create) AUTUMN/WINTER 2013/14

Designer Fraser Moss becomes nostalgic and looks back to the 1990’s for inspiration – the post punk era and the time YMC was launched

Viva Le Beret! - Sporting berets and wearing black, grey and navy, the models have a look of the French Resistance.  The beret is the collection’s statement piece that cries freedom, revolution and rebellion. Plus it is set to be the ‘on’ trend headgear for the season.

Zip it! – Zips adorn the casual pieces of parachute chinos, jumpsuits, a multi pocket silk bomber jacket and provide back to front as they decorate the full length of the back of sweaters and cardigans.

Blazers combine the slim fit tailored style of the suit jacket with the casual elasticated ribbed cuffs of the sweatshirt.

 The covert coat has an update with suede and leather trimmed collar instead of the traditional velvet.

Car coats also get the leather trim treatment along the hem, collar and front

Accents of soft baby pink, pale orange and teal blue lighten the otherwise sombre colour palette in sweater and shirt patterns, as colour blocks on trousers and even on thick soled suede creepers.
A play on the golfing scene came to the ‘fore’ with intarsia sweaters similar to the argyle pattern;

Coloured patterned socks on view;

 And tartan trousers. All bringing a touch of fun to the collection

Tartan also made it on to outerwear – short coats and trench like jackets.

Another dominate pattern was the checkerboard on shirts, scarves and sweaters, ranging from the large bold print to the smaller more subtle print.
Will you dare to join the Beret revolution?

Available soon from
YMC Store at 23 Hanbury Street, London E1 6QR

Photographs by www.christopherdadey.com


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