7 June 2013

Gentlemen's Dress Code for the Royal Enclosure at Royal Ascot Races

The gentleman’s dress code for the Royal Enclosure at Royal Ascot has always been strict, but since last year they are making sure that these rules are DEFINITLEY NOT broken.
 Rule no 1: Morning suits
Gentlemen are kindly reminded that it is a requirement to wear black or grey morning dress.
No other colour is acceptable in the Royal Enclosure.

If wearing a black morning coat the trousers must be either grey or black in striped or houndstooth pattern.
If wearing a grey morning coat, the trousers should match the coat in colour and fabric like a suit.
Black is the most popular at Royal Ascot and is striking next to a pristine white shirt. 
The above image shows a black morning coat from Oliver Brown Price £475
Fabric: 100% British barathea wool in plain black with peak lapel, 3 button cuffs, fully lined with ticket pocket and inside pockets.  
Teamed with houndstooth trousers in 100% British wool. Price £165 Half lined; single pleated, side adjusters, brace buttons, slant pockets and two hip pockets.  

To save money you could go buy one of their ex rental morning coats at £295

The grey is a more flattering choice for those of you with a fair or soft colouring. Through Moss Bros you can hire the grey Ted Baker morning coat with its striking peacock lining.
 They offer three hire packages jacket and trousers only at £120; plus waistcoat £130; and plus white shirt, tie and pocket square for £155. There is a choice of 6 colour ways for the silk tie and pocket square and they are yours to keep as a gift from Ted Baker!  The shirt for hire is white with a cutaway collar and double cuffs.
For Accidental Damage Waiver there is an extra charge of £8.

Moss Bros also has the Royal Ascot Collection especially designed for the occasion. http://www.moss.co.uk/pws/hire/ascot/ascot_collection.html

Morning coat: Pure new wool and light in weight so if the day turns out to be a scorcher then you’ll stay cool, but if it’s a cooler day then it’ll keep you warm. The coat has a royal-blue satin lining and the distinctive Royal Ascot emblem embroidered on the inside pocket.  Also has the traditional single link button.
Waistcoat: single breasted in traditional colour of dove grey or buff with 5 buttons
Trousers: Traditional wool-blend single pleat grey stripe trousers
Here worn with black oxford shoes from M&S and top hat from Hetherington Hats.

Rule no 2: Waistcoats.
A waistcoat must be worn.
Sartorial note: keep the bottom button undone.
Cut: Either single breasted with or without lapels or double breasted. 
Fabrics:  choose plain wool or linen.  Although silk or satin are acceptable, the shiny fabric can look more like wedding attire.

Colours: Whether light or deep, choose a muted version. Keep the bright colours and patterns for weddings. Buff and grey is the most popular colour, so for more of an individual look choose another pastel shade
Oliver Brown has both wool and linen, double and single breasted. Wool price is £145 with a colour choice of grey, buff, cream and yellow   Linen price is £135 with a colour choice of pale yellow, beige, bright yellow and pale blue.

Rule no 3: Tie.
Wear a tightly knotted tie such as a half Windsor knot. Definitely NO cravats.
And don’t be fooled with the Ascot tie.  Although named after the racecourse this is no longer acceptable so keep for wedding attire only.
Fabric: Preferably silk
Colour: Any colour and pattern you wish.

Although the Jaeger paisley tie is a classic print, the swirling pattern and various shades of blue still makes a statement.  Price £55

 Go floral with this vintage inspired print. Price £55.
The soft colour way of lilac with touches of pink will especially complement the grey morning coat.
The bolder colour way of red on a navy background (only available in stores) would suit the black morning coat.

Rule no 4: Top Hat.
A Top Hat in black or grey must be worn at all times with the exception of:
The restaurant, a private box or a private club. You can also remove your hat within any enclosed external seating area within the Royal Enclosure Garden.
But if in doubt, keep it on unless you see the vast majority taking theirs off.
NEVER customise your top hat (with, for example, coloured ribbons or bands).

A black Top Hat made of silk is the most coveted but alas no longer manufactured, making them a rarity. But you can purchase one from Oliver Brown for £500

The felt Top hats are less expensive. Go for grey felt  Top hat finished with black band in Melton wool and lined in white satin. Price £250

Top hats are expensive to buy so for the cheaper option Oliver Brown offers ex rental black felt Top hats at £150 to buy and also has a wide range of top hat for hire from £50.

 Rule no 5: Black Shoes
Shoes must be black with laces, plain and highly polished (although not patent)
The plain Oxford shoe is the perfect choice.  The Herring Knightsbridge is a classic toecap oxford shoe.  Made from calf leather for the upper, full leather lining, leather insoles and Goodyear Welted soles.  Handmade in Northamptonshire at the Loake factory for Herring Shoes
Available for £185 online at

Sartorial Rules:
Socks: no coloured socks just plain black or grey.
Shirts:  Shirts should be in keeping with a formal dress code so choose either white or a pale pastel. 
A double cuff is more in keeping with the morning suit.  Plus you can add a touch of individuality with a pair of cufflinks

Keep the Ascot theme with these Deakin & Francis silver top hats £245.00

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