5 March 2014

The Rise of the ‘Compressionists’

- New generation of men feeling the pressure to compress more and more into their lives -

A study, commissioned to celebrate the launch of the new Unilever Compressed deodorants, found that a fear of missing out is the new keeping up with the Joneses, with 51% of men under 34 worrying that they are missing out on life experiences if they aren’t filling all of their time, with 1 in 4 trying to find new ways to fit more and more into their busy lives. And when it comes to making sacrifices, 70% of men said they would be willing to cut back on the number of friends they have if it gave them more time.
With new compressed technology enabling men to fit more and more into their lives, whilst still getting the same benefits, the survey asked what a perfect day would look like if time was no object, this is their ideal Compressed day:

Having sex - Four hours 19 minutes
Working - Three hours 36 minutes
Seeing friends and family - Three hours 22 minutes Sleeping  - Three hours 22 minutes Eating / drinking - Two hours 38 minutes Playing games / watching TV - Two hours 24 minutes Playing sport / going to the gym - One hour 26 minutes Using smartphones, tablets etc - One hour 12minutes Other - 58 minutes Grooming - 29 minutes

Paul O’Connor Brand Manager for Unilever Compressed Deodorants, said:
“The demands of modern society mean that young men are under pressure to fit more and more into their lives and are looking for advances products and technology to allow them to do this. The new Compressed range of deodorants uses advance technology to compress the same amount of deodorant into a smaller can, creating a more efficient product that still delivers the same result”

To celebrate the launch of the new Compressed male deodorants Sure Men, Lynx, Vaseline for Men and Dove Men+Care are hosting the exclusive Compressed Live event in London which will squeeze the best bits of a man’s life into one epic weekend.
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