1 December 2014

McLaren drivers signatures engraved on Gillette razor, smaller than a grain of sand

Gillette, the world’s leading male grooming brand, and McLaren Mercedes, one of the most prestigious and successful teams in F1 history, have created an unique piece of sport memorabilia razor so precise, you’ll need a microscope to see it.

Only five razors of this kind will reach consumers and each demonstrates the two brands’ passion for precision engineering. This precise memorabilia will be framed and awarded to the world’s biggest fans of Gillette and McLaren.

Gillette and McLaren have already put the performance of racing into consumers’ hands and their shaving experience by launching a Formula 1 inspired limited edition Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor pack. Now, they are pushing precision technology further, combining two icons of modern engineering in an unexpected way: by individually engraving the McLaren F1 MP4-29 car and McLaren drivers’ signatures each onto the edge of Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor blades.

The result is a piece of memorabilia so precise, it’s invisible to the naked eye. A matter of micrometers makes this memorabilia the breakthrough it is: the engraving is just 0.7mm wide, and 0.24mm high – dimensions smaller than a grain of sand and even smaller than pinhead.  This was done with the help of a scanning electron microscope and an electron column which were used to project a focused beam of ions onto the conductive surface of the Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor blade. The nanoscientists involved in this project spent around 25-30 hours trying various different designs, sizes and ratios, to get the precise final result.
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