21 September 2016

Tom Cridland launchesThe Entrepeneur's shirt during London Fashion Week - Sustainable Fashion

Instead of following this unsustainable trend, Tom Cridland, an emerging sustainable fashion brand, decided to dedicate London Fashion Week to the launch of The Entrepreneur’s Shirt.

It’s the brand's first ever buttoned shirt and they back it with that same 30 Year guarantee - they guarantee wardrobe staples to last for 30 Years (repair or replace any damaged item free of charge) in a bid to convince consumers they can “buy less and buy better”.
Available in navy, dove white, pink panther, grey seal, sunset boulevard (pale blue), royal blue and electric blue.  Price £75

Every time someone orders it, they donate 10% of the sale price to the charities DEKI, who help impoverished entrepreneurs in Africa, and Young Enterprise, who provide support for young aspiring British entrepreneurs.

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