1 September 2016

Belstaff Unveils New Brand Campaign

Belstaff unveils its new brand campaign called  “Here Be Dragons”, which holds Belstaff's spirit of adventure right at its core.

 The spot brings to life a phrase used when mankind first mapped the world. Unknown places were marked with the statement ‘Here Be Dragons’ to put fear into any would-be adventurers. But this threat only drove people to actively seek out these places, to go beyond their confines and discover the unknown. It became a challenge many were entreated to overcome.

This is the essence of the “Here Be Dragons” campaign, which aims to inspire audiences to go beyond the limitations they may place around themselves and see those boundaries as invitations to where to head to next.
The brand’s return and re-embracement of its roots was celebrated by twelve-time Trial World Champion Dougie Lampkin MBE performing his famous two-wheel routines (bike stunts) in front of the Longton board.

 Photographer;  Christian Weber,
Iconic model Mark Vanderloo was persuaded to come out of retirement, and alongside breakthrough Serbian model Mijo Mihaljcic, the pair were photographed in rugged landscapes that appear uncharted; the sorts of far-flung places that would be hard to reach unless one’s instincts took them beyond their comfort zone.

The models were on a journey themselves – both stating it was the toughest yet most exciting modelling assignment they’d experienced - interacting with their surroundings, as the clothes they were wearing were intended to protect against.
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