12 October 2012

Herring Shoes Socks it to us!

Herring Shoes socks it to us with these sartorial socks named after the best dressed men from the comic book Beano.

Here's a few of the colourful characters, which one will you choose to wear?


Dennis (the Menace) sock in either navy & sky blue or red & navy
Price  £14.95 100% cotton

Danny (leader of the Bash Street Kids) sock in pink multi or navy multi
£14.95 100% cotton  

Cuthbert (class swat and teachers pet) sock in aqua multi, earth multi, navy multi, red multi or brown multi
£14.95 100% cotton 


Erbert (the short sighted one in the Bash Street Kids) sock in yellow mix, blue mix or orange mix
Price £10.50 70% cotton and 30% nylon

Plug (the 'good looking' one of the Bash Street Kids) sock in pink & grey, red & blue, or purple & blue
£10.50 70% cotton and 30% nylon

Head (headmaster of the Bash Street School) sock in blue or black
Surprisingly the skull & bones logo goes to the headmaster's sock and not Danny's who wears the logo on his sweater. But that's Head for you!
Price £10.50 70% cotton and 30% nylon

And for the premium sock it has to be (Lord) Snooty sock in navy, pink or purple stripe,
Price £35 64% cashmere and 36% cotton mix

The socks are made by Corgi , the Welsh Hosiery firm who were awarded the Royal Warrant by His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales in 1989

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