29 October 2012

Ben Sherman SS13 Collection

Titled Jazz life the collection brings together jazz styling of the US East Coast scene and the attire of artisans in Britain in the 1960s.

Main range is the PLECTRUM.

Kool for iKats! -The statement print is the ikat-camo ( a cross between the ikat print and camouflage) and can be seen on shirts, tees and as accents on jackets and polo

Main colour palette is muted with burnt orange, ochre, khaki green, slate and cream .
Chinos and shorts offer an array of sun kissed colours including raspberry red, peach tinted orange, turquoise and light yellow.

Double breasted jackets are paired with matching shorts for a less formal approach to the suit on summer days.

Casual jackets are lightly waxed and showerproof


To celebrate their 50th anniversary, Ben Sherman have brought out a capsule wardrobe called Duke Street Foundry named after the site of their first store in Brighton.

The collection will include long sleeved polo shirts, Oxford shirts, Harrington jackets and parkas


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