21 December 2012

AIU London hosts Sustainable Student Fashion show

AIU (American Intercontinental University) London hosted its last fashion show of the year in Marylebone Gardens.  
 Design Student -Michelle Kasujja. Image privided by AIU London
Award winning designs of the night included Taylor Scopes-Upton’s pristine white arctic parka outfit from the Precollections category earning a cash prize from Vilene Freudenberg

Image provided by AIU London

AIU’s December shows always contain experimental pieces and for this year it was to stretch the design students’ imagination to create ‘better quality or greater environmental value’ garments from ‘useless products’ or ‘waste materials’. Titled ‘Upcycle’, the design brief for the students was Reduce,  Reuse and Recycle.   Upcycle was then broken down into three themes: Creative Drape, 3D form and Precollections.
Design Student - Flaminia Mechoulay

Designs were a collage of recycled fabrics including no longer worn garments, paisley fabric, plastic bags and old newspaper to well worn leather from old sofas and boots.

 Discarded coffee bags was Zaira Xitlalitc Agular’s choice of fabric.
 Inspiration was by those that become invisible in society, so the forgotten coffee bags become something new.

Beverely Animadu goes for a fusion between smart and sport with the insides out.

Jeffrey Van Hare goes for a grafitti theme.

Kyle Cooley's jacket was inspired by canvas sails for creative drape 

Other student designs included:
Design student- Sarachimeg Bekhbat
Design Student - Hazim Bangwar

Design Student - Isaias Ponce
Design Student - Isaias Ponce

Design Student - Melba Robles
Design Student - Zaira X Agular

Proceeds from the event will go to the FSSA Zambia, funding for Secondary School Assistance in Zambia.

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