10 December 2012

TOMS launches its first GIVE shop for the festive season.

The GIVE shop will be held at The Old Truman Brewery and hopes to take you on a journey of Giving.
The shop will include five major areas, all with an interactive and fun element:

GIVE Creativity: A hub of talent, the GIVE Creativity area will showcase live music on stage with up and coming artists, including holding creative workshops that help GIVE back

GIVE Knowledge: Books help us to build our spirit, use our imagination and most importantly, GIVE information. This space will be created entirely from recycled books and will include a lounge where guests can sit and read, plus the opportunity to bring an old book and exchange it for another. .

GIVE Market: A retail area hosted by Jaguar Shoes Collective. This space allows customers to support local artisans:
Guests will be able to shop the TOMS GIVE Sight & GIVE Shoes ranges.
Three local craftsmen with a similar ethos to TOMS will be selling their work.

GIVE Smiles: This particular space lets you hold onto those fond memories we all cherish. Jump into the photo booth where you can take pictures with your loved ones and share them with your friends and family via social media, email or text.

GIVE Craft: A DIY craft area where visitors can create homemade Christmas cards and visit the wrapping station to add a personal touch to those much anticipated gifts.

The GIVE shop will be open from Friday 14th Dec until Sun 16th Dec.

Daily Schedule
Friday 14th December:
Jigsaw Piece Workshop with Sarah Corbett 11am-3pm,
Damon Valentine performs at 4.30pm.
Saturday 15th December:
Pop-up Christmas Card Workshop with Helen Friel 11am-3pm,
Being There perform at 4.30pm.
Sunday 16th December:
Comic-Style Printing Workshop with Joe Kessler 11am-3pm,
Flight Brigade perform at 3pm and Rufio Summers performs at 4.30pm.

Event info
Address: Dray Walk Gallery, The Old Truman Brewery, E1
Opening Dates:
Friday 14th Dec. 10am -7pm
Saturday 15th Dec. 10am -7pm
Sunday 16th Dec 10am – 6pm
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