14 December 2012

Dapper Coats to keep you warm and stylish

Designer Stefan Orschel-Read grew up in Scotland and so is no stranger to the colder climate.  His coats will keep the cold out but the sartorial style in:

Brighten up your winter months in this disperse-dyed trench coat called ‘Sunset’. Made from warm Melton fabric and in bold purple, the sleeves are darted and the back is panelled.  Price £1,200
Worn in the image with Richmond twin pleat classic tailored trousers in black watch tartan suiting, and slim fit cream cotton shirt with purple buttons and doubles cuffs .

This green and gold marl tweed coat has with just a splash of rich purple on the collar. Called ‘Traquair’ the coat is £900 and soon to be available through www.thenandnowshop.com
 But until then contact sale@orschel-read.com for private orders.
In the image the coat is worn with:
A narrow Belle-Époque fit waistcoat in olive green tartan suiting (just peeping through),
 Richmond twin pleat classic tailored trousers in purple Melton
Extra slim fit purple and white collar cotton shirt with contrast white three button collar.

All designed by www.orschel-read.com
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