4 July 2013

American Intercontinental University ((AIU) London 2013 Fashion Show

For their 2013 Graduate Fashion Show and marketing exhibition venue, American Intercontinental University (AIU) chose the spectacular One Mayfair on North Audley Street.  Formerly St Mark’s Church, this Grade I building is one of the finest examples in London of neo-classical designs.  In the centre of the impressive Grand Hall, the pure white minimalist runway juxtaposed with the surrounding Gothic decor of ornately carved dark wood and row of high stone arches creating a stunning and atmospheric setting.
The catwalk show included 2 menswear collections:
 Zaira Xitlalitl Aguilar Santoyo blends nomadic heritage with city life creating a flamboyant sartorial collection reminiscent of the Harlem Jazz scene Zoot suit of baggy trousers and long sack jackets. Here in toned down blocks of earthy brown and neutral shades with accents of red on trousers and the wide cravat tie.

Taylor Scopes-Upton
 Award winner of last year’s December Fashion Show, Taylor creates an urban male lost in a concrete jungle with no awareness of heritage. This well dressed wanderer wears warm voluminous coats and jackets, striped knitted and waxed denim leggings, and chunky knits with a chunky knit shopping bag on wheels for all his possessions.

Images provided by AIU London

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