5 July 2013

Rising Stars - Menswear Graduate Student Designers

This year the rising stars of the menswear graduate student designers are:

Angus Chiang from Shish Chien University Taiwan who won the International Show Award at the Graduate Fashion Show this year.

Definitely reaching for the stars with a futuristic collection of space suits. Ranging from the practical and wearable black aviation style jumpsuits to the outrageous and show stopping astronaut suit covered in colourful fabric carnations – maybe saying it with flowers is the universal language for that alien encounter.

Shauni Douglas with accessories by Olivia Creber both from Edinburgh College of Art who won the Menswear award at the Graduate Fashion Show 2013.

Olivia’s false beards - surely the next must have sartorial accessory - certainly caught the eye as held in place by a mouthpiece, they bounced and swished as the model moved.  

The collection itself was a mix of Western tailoring and Middle Eastern layering of long tailored shirts to the knees and longer worn with shorter tops and coats. Prints were of oversized digital tartans and smaller checks alongside the richer tartans and geometric diamond patterns
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