25 July 2013

Worn By Venice Collection T-Shirts

Worn By’s Venice Beach Collection is inspired by the 1970s skate boarding scene in Venice Beach and in particulate Venice Pavilion. The Area was known as ‘ The ghetto by the sea’ with a mix of gangs, street performers and hippies. Today the Venice skate scene is a bit more polished but still with the gritty soul of the original skateboarding.

Model wearing white Dog print T shirt. Plain back £28

 Top left to right: Rock on T shirt in charcoal stone wash. Plain back. Price £28 http://www.wornby.co.uk/mens/tees/rock-on-t-shirt-charcoal-stone-wash.html

Camo T shirt with green camouflage print sleeves and photo image on skater on front. Back is plain white. Price £28

Bottom left to right: Rad T-shirt in green leopard print front and back. Price £30 http://www.wornby.co.uk/mens/tees/rad-t-shirt-green.html

 Floral camo T-shirt in green front and back. Price £30
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  1. Stylish collection of men t shirts. Liked all your collection. I like to shop men t shirts online