19 October 2014

KENZO Creates Limited Edition Tiger Jumper in Partnership with Blue Marine Foundation‏

KENZO announces the second chapter in their ongoing partnership with the Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE)
 The French brand, led by creative duo Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, has created a limited edition Tiger sweater in a “Blue Marine Blue” to assist the foundation plans for ongoing protection of the South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands and the Antarctic ecosystem in association with the Marine Reserves Coalition and the RSPB.

The rich waters around the islands are full of plankton and krill that support one of the largest and most varied populations of seabirds and marine mammals on Earth. On the seafloor, there is greater biodiversity and higher levels of endemism than in almost all other areas of the Southern Ocean.

BLUE and its fellow campaigners is calling for the creation of one of the world’s largest fully protected marine reserves around the South Sandwich Islands and also significant improvements to the way in which the waters around South Georgia are managed. Within these waters, the habitats of over 100 million seabirds including more than 1.5 million chinstrap penguins are threatened. Four million Antarctic fur seals and half the world’s population of southern elephant seals as well as sperm, sei and humpback whales, and the deep-water hydrothermal vents that support life forms new to science are all at risk. The region has a higher diversity of marine species than the Galapagos Islands, and is an area so rich in wildlife that is has been described as “the Serengeti of the Seas”.

 To assist BLUE with its endeavors, KENZO’s blue marine blue tiger sweater will be produced in unisex sizes and available at KENZO retail stores worldwide, Selfridges in the UK and at Opening Ceremony stores worldwide. Direct link online is https://www.kenzo.com/en/shop/women_101/sweatshirts-sweaters_1401/blue-marine-sweatshirt_12435/
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