28 September 2015

Turnbull & Asser x Thunderbirds - Limited Edition‏ Ties & Pocket Squares

The pieces revolve around the ITV-owned archive sketches featuring the famous five vehicles, as well as Lady Penelope’s car. These have been re-worked in fine line drawings to form recurring motifs for pocket squares.
 Inspired by Brains’ iconic glasses, a focused range of geometric ties have also been designed, each lined with an imprint of the Thunderbirds comic strip. The selection is completed with a bolder pocket square that echoes the cartoon imagery.

 “Thunderbirds was a T.V show that represented an amazing time when a generation of children could suspend belief to see a bunch of puppets save the world. As a child it was the vehicles that were the main appeal, and everyone had their favourite. I hope we have done the Tracy brothers and the Anderson’s justice with our tribute to the Thunderbirds” Dean Gomilsek-Cole Head of Design at Turnbull & Asser.

Direct link to Thunderbirds Limited Edition:

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