16 June 2010


The Vintage Watch Company in London’s Burlington Arcade is unique. Established in 1995, they specialise in bringing back vintage Rolex wristwatches to their original condition.

The latest addition is the elite sports watches- Vintage Rolex Sports.

GMT Master- designed in the 1950’s and accepted by Pan Am for their pilots, this features a 24hr marking in two colours, blue for night and red for day.

Oyster Submariner – developed for scuba divers this has a water tight oyster case to a depth of 200 meters. Most recognised as the original watch of James Bond.

The Explorer- created in 1953 for the first Everest expedition, this is characterised by a 3, 6, 9 dial and Mercedes hands.

But be warned these also look good on women so keep them with you at all times or you may find they have been “borrowed” permanently.

See more styles on www.vintagewatchcompany.com

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