2 June 2010

Mihrara Yasuhiro autumn/winter 2010 collection

Titled BE ATtitude, the inspiration for the Autumn/Winter 2010 menswear collection came from the 1950’s Beatnik generation (get it BE ATnik??). Mihrara Yasuhiro took the super cool laid back Beatnik iconic styles and symbols and re-created them through sharp precise tailoring, textures and fabrics.

Jacquard woven photographic prints (using a technique developed by Mihara himself) were fantastic to see: showing a creased virtual denim short coat on top of the actual coats; and patched jeans which were actually made of wool but you would swear were denim.

Suits were patched up or the colour unevenly faded creating a well worn look.
Patterns used included narrow vertical stripes, broad horizontal stripes, bold checks and tapestry prints- sometimes all worn together.
Layer on layer mixed waistcoats, long shirts, jumpers, chunky knitted cardigans and jackets

Badges and pins on jacket lapels were created from the interior of typewriters by long term collaborator Husam el Odeh. These embellishments make reference to Alan Ginsberg’s (a leading figure of the Beat generations) obsessive relationship with typewriters and the iconic Beatnik novel “The Naked Lunch”.

Happily this collection managed to look "hip" without the stereotype black turtleneck sweaters and berets which represented the uniform of the beatnik era.
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