28 June 2010


Guys, we know you like to look after yourself as much as the women and quite rightly so. In the not so distant past, men were men and had to suffer from dry rough skin. The more daring would secretly pinch some of their wife’s/girlfriend’s creams from the bathroom cabinet.

Now we are wiser and know men can be still men with good smooth skin. There are several cosmetics out there with a fully comprehensive men’s range and no one bats an eye at your purchases.

So now we want to let you into a little secret and tell you about how you can keep your skin looking good.- It’s the unisex Ultimate Skincare, a luxurious skin product with a difference and has been launched at House of Fraser.

And now for the technical part:

Ultimate Skincare was developed by BAD (British Association of Dermatologists) for everyone to use.
As their name suggests BAD do have a wicked sense of humour (but it is for your own good) and what appears to be a pot of the latest breakthrough skin cream on the outside, actually doesn’t contain cream. It contains something better than cream and something that will last you a lifetime – guidance on how to check your skin for changes and so help protect yourself against skin cancer.
Also included inside the pot is a mirror to help you on your way and details of the bespoke website (www.ultimateskincare.org) that hosts all the information people need to learn what to look for.

Surprisingly skin cancer is the no 1 cancer in the UK – maybe it’s because we don’t get enough sunshine, we tend to go mad when it’s out. (Noel Coward said it all in his song “Mad dogs and Englishmen “go out in the midday sun.) And one Briton dies from the disease every four hours!
Luckily, most skin cancers can be stopped if detected early and the best way to protect yourself is to check your skin regularly. And this is where Ultimate Skincare comes in as a recent survey found that half of Britons could not recognise the signs of possible skin cancer and a quarter have never checked their skin.

Well checking for early signs is as simple as ABC (make that ABCDE). Regularly check all of your skin for changes to any moles, or new areas of pigmentation by following these ABCDE rules:
Asymmetry - the two halves of the area may differ in shape.
Border - the edges of the area may be irregular or blurred, and sometimes show notches.
Colour - this may be uneven. Different shades of black, brown and pink may be seen.
Diameter - most melanomas are at least 6mm across. Report any change in size or shape to your doctor.
Expert - if in doubt, check it out. If your GP is concerned about your skin, make sure you see a consultant dermatologist - an expert in diagnosing skin cancer. Your GP can refer you via the NHS.

Now you know the secret and how simple the process of keeping your skin looking good is, add it to your own daily beauty regime and don’t keep it a secret, pass it on.
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