17 March 2012

AM Golhar mens AW12 knitwear collection

AM Golhar loves the styles of  military clothing and so always brings some concept of this in to all of her collections. 

This AW12 season she creates shoulder and elbow patches within the knit to give that military jumper feel. Here worn with her checkered knitted jogging bottoms with two rows of cable stitching down the side emulating the stripes worn down military trousers..

The above 'Bobby' style was recreated from the military polo jumper with Am adding a special touch of knitting technique. 

 Inspired from a 1973 military cape, 'Oscar' is recreated in heavy gauge cashmere knit. Worn here with plain knitted jogging bottoms adorned with a cable stripe at the front seam..

The Corby cardigan was inspired by the blazer jacket with AM changing the shape of the neckline.

Main colour palette is black and shades of grey, but brightened with blues and dark red.

Leyton jumper has a traingular neckline similar to a neck scarf.  In a medium gauge using a diamond lace hole knitting technique. Worn here with knitted joggers using the trellis technique for a 3D textured effect..
Giving a Cossack feel is the Sylvester -assymetrical shape jumper with colour block stripes. worn here with plain knit joggers with cable stripes at the side.

Also in the collection are soft leather joggers, a  popular piece since her AW10 collection.
Her vision for this season was to create a collection with a tailored smart appearance whilst using very luxurious soft yarns such as cashmere, cotton and angora.

Will be available soon on her website:

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