13 March 2012

The New Face of Motor Racing - Oli Webb

 20year old Oli Webb is set to become a big name in the world of Motor Racing, Over the past few years he has been working his way up the racing trail.

Topman Generation Magazine caught up with him off the race track for an exclusive interview and photo shoot. The in-depth interview explores how an enthusiastic  9yr old fo cart racer has turned into one of the brightest young stars of international racing, destined to be one of the stars of Formula One
Here's a few snippets of the interview:
"You’ve got to have that extra sense of your car to be a racing driver – when you are having a little bit of a slide at 190mph, you need to be able to feel that in the seat of pants to be able to stop it without it turning into anything. Sure, it may look like nothing on television or from the .stands, but you could have just had a 200mph crash into a wall."

"You've got to make sure your competitors are scared of you, not in terms that you could really hurt them, but in terms that wouldn’t be afraid to make that dangerous decision if they left the door open to do that. If there’s two cars side-by-side and there’s enough room for three-quarters of a car to get through, I think people like Senna, and hopefully myself, would always take that gap – the second you don’t try to take that gap, your competitors know that you never would."

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Oli is wearing Topman (of course)  
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