17 August 2010

New men's designer Am Golhar's Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection

Specialising in knitwear, Am Golhar gained her expertise of high quality yarns such as alpaca and cashmere from Central St. Martins where she achieved an honours degree in Textiles.
Here she decided to blend her love of creating art through textures with her passion for fashion and created her own menswear range.

When asked why she decided to design knitwear for men instead of women, Am replied:
“Everybody always asks why menswear” (ooops) “But then why do men design for women? I really love men’s knitwear, it’s so fun and exciting and I have so many ideas. It’s a challenge to always create a textured menswear fabric that does not look feminine. I’ve always fallen in to menswear throughout everything I did, if I was creating a swatch it always seemed so masculine, whether in the colours or textures.”

Knitwear is not only restricted to the tops but knitted cable joggers as well, not the usual pair of trousers a guy wears you might say, but Am is aiming for the guy who loves fashion and knitwear and does not mind being quirky.
In her spring/summer 2011 (more details later) she has designed cooler three quarter length knitted bottoms and states “No one does this so why not? I had to”.

On some of her tops the length is long: “I wanted to produce something oversized. All the vest tops are long and oversized – they are just fun and just comfy”

For her autumn/winter 2010 collection, Am took inspiration from body armour and focused on texture.
The shoulders of the tops are round and large to give a body armoured feel................
...........and the hoods and oversized knits resemble chain mail. Chunky and fine gauges are created by both hand and machine knitting, whilst the ladders and hole stitches were hand knitted.
Yarns used were alpacas/wools and cashmere giving a luxurious feel to these edgy designs.
Colours are muted in greys, browns, green, camel and taupes.

A few leather pieces – jogging pants (with a subtle diamond embossed pattern) and jackets complement the collection.

Am recently showcased her collection at Stitch, London’s dedicated trade show and for more details you can contact Am herself on info@am-golhar.com

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  1. I love your thick chunky sweaters for men. The cardigans are magnificent.

  2. Thanks Stephen, I've passed on your wonderful comment to Am. She'll be pleased.

  3. Thank you! Don't forget to follow the brand on twitter AM_GOLHAR or the brand facebook Page AM GOLHAR to keep updated!