9 August 2011

Short Sleeved Summer Shirts

 The main draw back with short sleeved button down shirts is the actual short sleeves. A man with his long shirt sleeves rolled up says ‘sexy chic’ compared to short sleeves flapping around skinny arms or straining over stocky arms. But that is not to say the short sleeve does not have its place in a man’s style wardrobe, especially as beach or holiday wear.

Roll Up! Roll Up!
The solution for the skinnier arms is to roll the short sleeves up for a tighter fit.
Debenhams's Manteray shirt
Here the model in the Debenhams Manteray shirt has rolled up his sleeves giving a closer fit around his arms. The actual design – yellow horizontal stripes and buttoned chest pocket, also gives more bulk to the skinnier frame. Keeping cool in 55% linen and 45% cotton and the price won’t break you out in to a sweat either at £32. www.debenhams.com

Heatons linen shirt
For the guys whose arms are stockier, go for the longer length i.e. the sleeves which end nearer to the elbow. Unless of course it is all muscle and you want to show off your biceps.
 Heatons rich linen shirt has longer sleeves. Price £12 Here worn with linen rich trousers £14 and a straw panama hat £5 www.heatonssstores.com

Layering short sleeved shirts over tee shirts and leaving open flatters most body types. For the larger guys, it tends to slim the tummy as the open front acts as vertical lines which create the illusion of a slimmer you. Plus the shirt is loose and so there is no straining of the fabric around the mid section. And for the skinnier guys the extra layer gives more bulk.
Heatons check shirt with mock tee
If you are not very good at layering then Heatons have a check shirt with mock printed t shirt insert. Price £12. Worn here with cargo shorts £13 and laced toe cap canvas shoes £7.00

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