10 August 2011

Seersucker Shirts - the Fabric of Milk and Sugar just right for the Summer Heat

OK not actually made from milk and sugar. Its name just originates from the Persian words ‘shir o shekar’ meaning ‘milk and sugar’ which apparently describes the smooth surface (milk) mixed with the bumpy texture (sugar)
This crinkly look is due to slack tension weaving mixed with normal tension which allows the fabric to breath and air to circulate freely against the skin, so keeping the wearer cool and dry. Plus you don’t need to iron, it’s meant to look crinkled. So it's an ideal fabric for the hot summer months and for travelling.
Seersucker shirts usually come in plaid or stripes.
Go for Lands’ End button down collar in fresh spring mountain green plaid.

Or their rich red Bengal Stripe.
Both priced at £25 www.landsend.co.uk
If you don’t like the crinkles, then there is always the Madras shirt. It may have a hot name but the light open weave of this cotton will keep you cool. Here in bright cyan and orange clay plaid. Price £25
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