7 August 2011

Summer Prints for Long Sleeved Summer Shirts

Don’t limit yourself to just checks and stripes, there’s a whole range of other patterns out there for summer shirts.
Next Paisley shirt

Its name may have derived from the Scottish town, but the paisley pattern is of Indian and Persian origin so is no stranger to the hotter climate. 
This paisley shirt (price £32) from Next looks right at home on the beach, teamed with straw Stetson £14, belt £18 and jeans £45 www.next.co.uk/men

Viyella Liberty print shirt
Floral patterns make great summer shirts such as Viyella’s Liberty print blue purple meadow shirt.
This purple and blue ditsy print flowers cotton shirt costs £49.50 

Manteray flower print shirt from Debenhams

If you can’t take the leap from the safer stripes to the more flamboyant florals, then Debenhams Manteray blue flower stripe shirt may be a good alternative as it mixes floral and stripes. Features chest pocket and denim lining on its two button cuff so looks good rolled up. 
Price £32. 
Available from www.debenhams.com

And for the boys who love their toys, there’s:

Simon Carter's helicopter shirt,................ 

.... Simon Carter's motorbike shirt..........

........ and Simon Carter's airplane shirt.

Check out their website for stockists www.simoncarter.net
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