24 August 2011

KMS California Hair Brand Reloaded

The professional hair brand KMS California is celebrating 35 years in the industry and to show that they are not resting on their laurels they’ve relaunched (or reloaded) themselves with new packaging and the introduction of 12 new products including a new sub line called Freeshape.

The Packaging – matt but bright colour blocks are teamed with glossy bold text in a clashing complementary colour.  There’s  yellow green with purple; deep raspberry  with mint green;  orange with bright blue and purple with yellow to name a few - All inspired by the catwalk colourways.

One hero product in the KMS range is:

MOULDING PASTE from the Hairplay range RRP £17.30
Colour combination: Matt lime green with glossy purple lettering
This is the number one worldwide bestseller within KMS range.
It provides texture with a pliable hold and great on short hair to create structured styles.
KMS Top Tip: reactivate your style at the end of the day, simply wet hands and reshape.
This has a great smell of coconut and is great for adding volume.

The new KMS will be available from September.
www.kmscalifornia.com shows the countdown to when the new products will be available.
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  1. I am pretty much sure, there are just few products for men, actually i feel men should also be beauty conscious after all we are human and we have right to take care of our face, and other features. Well, your blog is really good.

    KMS Molding Paste