25 September 2012

Professor Green x PUMA AW12 Collaboration

“Honey is the new Black”
London born rapper Professor Green chose the Honey Badger as his logo for the new PUMA AW12 collection. 

Why? Because it represents fearlessness, it sees what it wants and goes and gets it!  It is not endangered as it easily adapts to its changing environment and has few natural predators due to its no holding back attitude, strong claws, thick skin which is also loose enough for them to wriggle and twist out of tight situations. This is an animal that can defend itself – definitely has street cred.

Sometimes the Honey Badger is as bold as brass and takes centre stage on the front of sweatshirts and tees, but  many hide in a green and purple camouflage pattern taking the concrete jungle wearer by surprise  to find that they are sporting such a cute logo. 

Others just make a cameo appearance on neat tiny labels attached to the sleeves of tees.

The collection itself includes sweats, tees, baseball caps and jackets.

The tees vary from the soft coloured speckled design to the brighter red and purple colour block.   

Camouflage designs choose their battle patterns from the more strategically placed pockets and sleeve trims to the bolder Honey badger logos and the full blown block sections.

More classic pieces are the colour block denim shirt, the polo shirt and padded gilets and jackets. 

 Love the varsity style jackets with their leather sleeves. These sport the PUMA logo on the front and also a more subtly placed branding label of the PUMA with the words Professor Green above. 

In reality, the Honey Badger is not a cute looking animal but the logos are cute enough to attract a female following. So guys beware your girlfriend may take a tip from the Honey Badger and just fearlessly swipe your  new Pro Green x PUMA items  from right under your nose!

The collection will be available from mid October at ASOS and Footasylum  

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