12 October 2013

Bobby Abley Spring/Summer 2014

Emerging fashion designer Bobby Abley’s SS14 runway show started with fairytale model princes wearing leather cut outs of crowns.

 Abley’s own signature design of the Teddy Bear silhouette was incorporated on to tops...

... and hidden in between the regal Fleur de Lys.

 Disney Snow White’s blue bird fluttered around as tattoos on the models faces, necks, arms and knees as well as shirts and tees.

 Like the fairy tales the colour palette was sugar sweet with candy pinks, powdery greys....

.... and basket weave prints of golden toffee.

For more details check out his website:

Bobbt Abley's SS14 collection was shown at the MAN SHOW created by Topman and Fashion East to help a selection of emerging fashion designers showcase their designs on the catwalk.
Images by Catwalking
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