28 October 2013

Photo Tees for the Snappy Dresser

 We know the weather has turned cold, but it's all about layering and why not have some fun under all those layers with a photo tee?

Top left to right Nena & Pasedena
Definitley no regrets on these sale items!
No Regrets Crew blue sweatshirt was £60 now £30
No Regrets Raglan tee was £45 now £22.50
The Hunted tee £45
Vultures Tee was £45 now £22.50

Bottom Left to right from Two Angle:
Volka cap £29.23
Whitness  tee £29.23
WairFresh tee £29.23
Opposite model wearing Two Angle:
Wodka tee £29.23
Wloral floral trousers and beanie hat– coming soon!!!

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