2 September 2014

Meet the Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Groomer!‏

Wilkinson Sword has unveiled the New Hydro 5 Groomer, the only 4 in 1 styling tool with patented technology that shaves, trims, edges and hydrates with every shave. On one end, an adjustable power trimmer and on the other a convenient all in one tool removing the need of multiple attachments filling up the bathroom cabinet.

4 in 1 tools:
Shaves with 5 ultra Glide blades with Skin Guards the help reduce friction and act to smooth the surface of the skin, doubling the points of contact with blades to reduce irritation.
Trims with an adjustable power trimmer featuring a wide comb and sharp blasé that can be customised to desired hair length for cutting efficiency.
Hydrates throughout each shave with a Gel Reservoir containing aloe that lubricates skin and helps irritation.
Edges with a flip trimmer that exposes all five blades for reaching tight spaces with ease.

RRP £14.99 with replacement blades ar £9.99

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