24 September 2014

Stay Cool, Calm & Collected with Braun’s CoolTec Shaver

Braun's CoolTec shaver is especially suited for sensitive skin

Stay Cool:
 Braun’s CoolTec is the world’s first electric  shaver equipped with the pioneering  Thermo-Electric-Cooling technology (TEC).  An aluminium cooling bar is integrated in between two shaving foils  and prevents the shaver head from building up heat like most other ‘hot headed’ shavers. Press the button with the snowflake symbol  to  activate and direct heat away from the skin. 
 Result: A cool, pleasant  and refreshing shave.  

Stay Calm
The cooling technology soothes and calms the skin minimising shaving irritations.
Specially designed, the SensoFoil captures and cuts hairs growing in different directions. This lessens friction against the skin and combats the sympton of tension and redness.
Plus the shaver’s alcohol-based self cleaning system lubricates with each cleaning which aids a smoother calmer shave.

Stay Collected
The 3 stage cutting system has two independently moving cutting elements which automatically adapt to your personal facial contour resulting in a closer shave. 

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