25 September 2014

Shave Wet or Dry? With Braun WaterFlex there is no Question!

There is no question because Braun Waterflex allows you to shave wet or dry - dilemma solved!!

Braun Waterflex shaver combines the best of both worlds: it can be used with water, foam or gel and you can shave in the shower, in the bathtub or just on a wet face in front of the mirror.
 It is 100% waterproof and can be rinsed under running water for easy cleaning.

Key Features include:
ContourAdaptive Swivel Head :Turn heads with a smooth shave courtesy of WaterFlex's swivel head:The 33 degrees pivoting shaver head adapts to every contour of the face and so reduces friction and catches every hair on every contour to give a close shave even in problem areas.

OptiBlade – with ergonomically placed hexagon holes, the  OptiBlade is the most advance foil from Braun and its unique shape allows it to capture more hair  and cut beard hairs closer.

And if you chose to shave in the shower, the shaver has a non slip grip

So your question, wet or dry?  No need to choose, the WaterFlex gives both options.

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