15 June 2014

Hentsch Man SS15 Collection - La Cantina

With oversized leafy floral blooms, washed out pinks and aqua faded by the sun, the Hentsch Man 'La Cantina' Collection draws upon the dazed summer nights of South america for SS15.

Designer Alexia Hentsch was inspired by childhood memories of seeing gangs of super slick dressed young men wearing panama hats and printed loose flowing shirts, all brightly popping with colour against the sun burnt walls of the back city streets of Brazil. So the story of the collection shows young guys summer street life, smoking cigars, drinking rum and playing dominos through the long warm nights, with a setting of pastel coloured washed out walls, synonymous with the back streets of Havana and Rio.

 The La Cantina collection takes a trip through the depths of a South American urban summer, with bolshy influences of favela city life whilst retaining Hentsch Man's classic silhouettes and punchy prints.

Casual tailored suiting in a tropical palette of pastels, alongside  lightweight outerwear of sail jackets and macs are new for the season.
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