19 June 2014

Jack Moran - New Luxury Footwear

Jack Moran luxury footwear for men made its debut at London Collections:Men.

The brand is distinctive with carved chunky soles and heels. The signature sole is partly in bright laguna blue imprinted with Jack Moran's crocodile logo.
Here are the three styles that every man should own:
Rebellion Boot - made from kangaroo and crocodile skin, this boot comes in 5 colour varieties.
The top boot is lion ( tan shade ) with graphite spots.

The below image, the model is wear laguna (blue) with wike (wine red) spots.

Champion Lace Up - these derby lace ups come in either leather, kangaroo or crocodile skin. Comes in 4 colour varieties. The top shoe is in lion (tan shade) with wike (wine red) spots. the below shoe is in wike (wine red) with laguna crocodile spots.

Splendiferous Slip On - made from kangaroo skin with crocodile skin detailing. Comes in 4 colour variters. The top shoe is in laguna kangaroo skin with lion (tan shade) crocodile detailing. The bottom is in wike (wine red) kangaroo skin with lion crocodile detailing.

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