8 June 2014


The show included four menswear menswear collections.
Kyle Cooley - Barren Drift. Inspired by sportswear for yacht racing and snowboarding with emphasis on outerwear such as windcheaters and cagoules.Main colour palette are blues and greys with a tiny dose of red. Tonal colour blocking on trousers.

Farid K Bin Karim - Luluhawa (translation - Weathering )
Stiff shiny gossamer for jacket sleeves, sweatshirts and shirts, fluid latex rubber for shorts and front panels on tops. Zen like quality with palazzo style pants and skirts both long and short. Accessories included long nail extension jewellery (similar to those worn by Thai dancers) and a gas mask. Colour Palette: all black.

Rakayla Robertson- Darkness Blooms. Starting with all black robes adorned with black foliage appliques, the collection transformed into autumnal reds and greens, ending on an outfit of pure white. Headgear also transformed from the harsh brittle crown of dead twigs, to lush green supple branches and then blossoming into crowns of red and white roses. Accessories included transparent plimsoll bags full of leaves.

Isaias Ponce  - Mechaphilia
Inspired by the love of motorbikes and cars, car registration numbers adorn shirts and exhaust pipes are wrapped around the neck like a scarf caught in the wind. Fabrics include denim, leather and rubber. Accessories include bags made from bike parts and a ruck sack adorned with rear view mirrors.
The City of Wasted Youth is written on the back of one of the shirts, whilst other garments have the more upbeat fire sketch found painted on fast cars.Colour palette: blue, red and black.

 Following the show Jane Whitfield, Design Director of Louis Vuitton awarded prizes to two lucky design students, one of which was Isaias Ponce.

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