22 June 2014

THE ONE presents the Goa,Wave Watch.‏

Inspired by the Goa raves of India; THE ONE present the Goa Wave watch. A binary watch blending the elements of Goa party nights and futuristic elements of the 21st century.

Intricately designed, the GOA wave watch features 6 LED columns that illuminate red, yellow and blue to read the time. The Black PU strap and the stainless steel case gives this watch that extra suave.
 The red light indicates the hour, the yellow light highlights minutes in 10 and the blue indicates the minutes.

To set the time on the Goa Wave watch press the B button (right hand side of watch) three times. On the third time hold the button for a further three seconds.  You can now set the hours with the A button (right hand side of watch). Then you must switch to minute mode by selecting the B button and proceed to set the minutes with the A button.
The Goa Wave watch is unique arm candy; be part of the evolution. Choose Goa Wave. It is THE ONE.

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