30 June 2015

Braun Series 9 Launch

Braun unveils the all new Series 9 – Braun’s most efficient and comfortable electric shaver, removing more hair in the first stroke than any other shaver.

Its breakthrough SyncroSonic cutting system made of four fully synergized elements that gets the job done with fewer strokes and reduced pressure on the skin. 

Each of the four elements has a unique purpose: the two centre specialists trim and cut problematic facial hair, the first takes on flat lying hairs while the latter specifically grabs and shaves hairs growing in different directions. The Two shaving foils cut hair as close to the skin as possible,

The Linear Drive motor generates 10,000 sonic micro vibrations and delivering 40,000 cross cutting actions every minute. 
They synergy of four specially designed cutting elements, multiplied by the power of Sonic technology, shaves so fast that your skin doesn’t even have time to get irritated.

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