30 June 2015


Inspired by the rawness of the New York Dolls unisex approach to dressing in 70’s New York and Robin Kegel’s surfboard art.

Tailored pants are loose fitting, their superfine wool almost transparent. They also come in vivid blue and red, worn with contrasting long ribbed cashmere knits.Belts are like oversized shoelaces made in leather. Velvet tanks have been laser cut as if perforated.
Fabrics: lightweight tailoring wools, treated cotton and linen, woven jersey, crepe and silk poplin.
Colour palette: greys and browns with pops of primary red, blue and green.

Abstract graphics surfboard art by Robin Kegel are printed on loose fit jumpsuits in poplin silk. They also appear on cashmere sweaters that have be purposefully pilled. 
Platform boots come in leather or suede with a cork sole, 

Blazers have utilitarian patch pockets as does a long linen workers coat, while a short sleeve jacket and wide pants in apricot in Punto Milano fabric have a functional feel.

Zip ups come in tailoring wool or velvet, 

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