23 June 2015


The perfect moment, when a breeze becomes wind and wind becomes energy, permeating the city. The right mix of hybrid sport urban attitude and sartorial “freestyle” forges a new sense of open air freedom reminiscent of kite surf and marine club house atmosphere.

 Energetic, inspiring, and boldly optimistic, Z ZEGNA SS 16 collection signifies a creative encounter between sophisticated urban tailoring and the exhilarating energy of the kite surf world.

 Z ZEGNA’s rigorous commitment to performance encourages new fabrics development and intercontamination, while the structural yet deconstructed silhouettes with their flighty kite-inspired volumes and shapes, deliver the sensation of weightless freedom, where graphic “transparent” layerings give the perception of three dimensional depth.

 Liberating in its versatility, the new collection beautifully plays with graphics woven into its fabric s and knits: club house stripes, crests and the iconic Z ZEGNA pentagon graphically interfuse taking on optical illusions in the summer wools, water repellent nylons, printed cottons, jerseys and the iconic Techmerino.

 The angular attitude to color matches monochromatic black, white and blue with high-impact cutting insertions of pink, mandarin, royal and titanium metallics.

 The marine club house influence extends into the accessories, unveiling super light technical nappa bags with water repellent finishing as well as a contemporary interpretation of classic chukka boots and topsiders presented in rubberized leather.

 The Z ZEGNA SS16 collection, with its adventurous intensity and dynamic style attitude, inspires emotions and energy, while the metaphorical combination of wind, water and waves harmoniously collide with the “Wall Street” attitude to form a perfect conduit for the brand’s City-to-Surf state of mind.

 Like a breeze the new fragrance Z ZEGNA ENERGY will rush throughout to give a signature of life, freshness and clean masculinity
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