17 June 2015

MAHARISHI SS16 SHOW London Collections:Men

Post –Geographic Devotional Uniform & Habits: Part 1 

The collection takes inspiration from the clothing worn by devotees within religious orders around the world.

 Monk’s robes, Judaic prayer strings and capes of the Knights Templar have all been reinterpreted and crossbred with one another to create a pan-global language of devotional uniform.

The colour palette includes purple and golden brown, derived from Roman Catholic traditions and a bright orange referencing the robes of Thai Buddhist monks, whose symbolic usage of this beacon colour is shared with the U.S. Army’s reversible MA1 flight jackets.

 The Prayer Fishtail Parka updates this military classic with extended zip pullers at the underarms and pockets creating trailing cords evoking the tassles of prayer shawls or rope belted robes.

The 3XDRY long sweat poncho is a utilitarian loose silhouette recalling the robes of eastern monks and the 11th Century Knights Templar, yet is also inspired by a staple of military outfitting re-imagined in a water repellent technical knitted organic cotton with classic sportswear finishing.

On the front row were: Ghetts, Tinie Tempah and Dumi

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