28 March 2017

Canali AW17 Menswear

Canali AW17 is dedicated to covert craftsmanship, deconstructed design that belies sophisticated silhouettes.
Outerwear is at times oversized, taking inspiration from the 1960s,

while suits follow the natural contours of the body, shunning excess in favor of a more pared down aesthetic.

Focus falls on fabrics: cashmere traverses the collection in prestigious "double" constructed pieces and in luxurious blends with wool, silk, vicuña and chinchilla.

 Many of the fabrics feature distinctive textures from a micro bouclé to an ultra-soft baby alpaca velour

and luxurious finishes like a sable-effect on a pure cashmere field jacket.

 Quintessential menswear motifs like Prince of Wales check, madras, herringbone and birds eye are at times overlapped or rotated, exuding a classic but contemporary feel.

Jacquards and other intricate weaves create optical patterns.

Dynamic mélanges of rich, saturated colors within a palette flows smoothly between illustrious purples and  natural browns

and a grayscale that goes from white to black.

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