25 March 2017

Antony Morato SS17 Collection

As per previous years, Antony Morato’s SS17 collection consists of two different lines – this season, it’s Black and Gold.
Each collection draws upon a different metropolis: Black refers to Tokyo, while Gold is reflective of Los Angeles.
The lines take inspiration from nature regaining possession of the cities; contrasting its soft and harmonious shapes with the strong, geometric and sharp angles of the cities’ architecture.

Tokyo – a city characterised by Zen and a meditative soul, which combines a chaotic, urban landscape with a background of rarefied atmosphere. This is represented in Antony Morato’s SS17 Black collection through a harmonious mix of natural colours and urban tones. Sophisticated and smart, but not dramatic, the Black collection’s muted, dark shades embody technology meeting nature; slowness facing speed; evolution joining tradition.

Los Angles – a city of sun and endless beaches – motivates the Gold collection. Deep blue hues of the sea are ingrained into every gradation, while deep shades of gold and red, inspired by the city’s sand, finish the palette. Taking inspiration from the laidback Californian lifestyle, floral patterns, graphics of Cadillac cars and surf-inspired designs complete the Gold collection.
Taking its muse from two of the world’s most looked-upon cities to create Black and Gold, Antony Morato’s SS17 collection utilises contrasting aesthetics and design to suggest a future where man and nature become harmonious and find their balance.
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