21 March 2017

Contemporary Artist Danny Minnick : Bringing Street Culture Into Our Home

Contemporary Artist Danny Minnick made his way from Seattle to the East Coast in the early 90’s and found himself on a skateboard in the middle of Manhattan.

 As a professional skateboarder, he was able to cross-pollinate his passions by skating as an actor in several films and several other relevant projects for Thrasher, 411, and Transworld Videos.
After a bad skating injury left him unable to continue skating, he began to channel his creative energy into paintings where he fell in love with the experience and serenity it gave him.

Danny’s first successful show, Break the Walls, at BoĆ®te Noire Gallery in the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles, paved the way for his expansion into the fine art world. His unique style of abstract expressionism is a cast of characters and hidden images that suddenly appear during his acrylic and oil work.
His style of painting is often compared to Basquiat, while his characters themselves often bring a heartfelt connection to Keith Haring’s work, a perfect blend of Haring’s humor with Minnick’s whimsical style and sensibility.
More than that, Minnick’s ability to hone in on an emotion, stranded in an active moment of time, is what really stands out in this body of work.

While his street characters are accessible to many, his works on canvas continue to excite and inspire even the most highbrow collectors including Nick Cassevettes, Cash Warren, Jessica Alba, Michael Citrone, Gus Van Sant, LeBron James, and Jaime Hince.
Danny has also donated works to many reputable charities including LIFT, Art of Elysium, and Eastwood Ranch Foundation’s annual art charity.

Danny’s live works, which have gained worldwide attention, have recently featured at Hamptons Art Market, Tulum Mexico, South Hampton, La Jolla San Diego, and Los Angeles, Sag Harbor. Danny recently hosted his first solo show, Power to the Planet, at De Re Gallery in Los Angeles this February.
He has been featured in such publications including Forbes, Interview, Art Zealous, Artnet, LA Fashion Magazine, Crave Online, Tartarus Magazine, and ARTSY Mag amongst others.
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