20 March 2017


Dedicated to the art of kayak building, this new episode of STORIES by Parajumpers celebrates the the magical moments of kayaking and the ancestral culture of the Inuit and Aleut people from the far north of North America, Greenland and eastern Eurasia.

Dotted with windswept beaches, unspoiled woods, imposing rocks, a rare wildlife, this episode of STORIES by Parajumpers dedicates its latest visual travelogue to Kiliii Yuan, the founder and owner of Seawolf Kayak, a company that started as a survival school for primitive skills and that celebrates the traditional art of building skin-on-frame kayaks.

(Conceived as a true functional piece of art, Seawolf Kayak's ultra-light designs are based on innovative building techniques that include steam-bending and sophisticated woodwork declined in clean, elegant lines that ensure that kayak aficionados will have a smooth and responsive motion through the sea. All the kayak models undergo extensive quality tests and are each designed with a particular set of needs in mind, such as the functional requirements of long expeditions, fishing, surfing and exploration trips.)

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