17 January 2018

Tourne de Transmission AW18 collection at London Fashion Week Men's

Inspiration for AW18 came from photographer Leah Gordon’s book ‘Kanaval’ which  documents the carnivals of south Haiti in their various forms over a period of years.

Tourne de Transmission's creative director, Graeme Gaughan was struck by how the people of Haiti used the theatrical elements of Kanaval to offer reminders to the authorities about their failings through the abuse of power.

 The sartorial traditions of Kanaval have  been pivotal in shaping this collection. From the use of materials and fabrics, through to the shapes and silhouettes.

 Tailoring has been cut with an unorthodox fit, inspired by the Haitian boys in Gordon’s images who wear mens suiting.

They give a flat 2D shape when worn, echoing back to questions on 2D tourism.

 The juxtaposition of femininity across the men’s outfits of Kanaval are also reflected via fabrics, pleats and shapes.

 Artist Johnny Brophy has collaborated to create brooches and accessories mirroring elements of decoration & masquerade from Kanaval.

 Keen’s Uneek open air footwear is also used for their adaptation of intricate detailing, complimenting and reflecting other hand made elements seen across range.

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