13 January 2018

Wood Wood AW18 at London Fashion Week Men's

Entitled ‘Before and After’, the Wood Wood Autumn/Winter 2018 collection fuses the contemporary streetwear of Wood Wood with elements of Americana.

Classic American wardrobe stables are updated in look and feel, while the transition from childhood to adulthood works as the thematic framework for the collection.

 The transition into adulthood is the main inspiration for the collection and several print stories speak to the theme of growing up and learning to stand on one’s own feet. ‘Leave Me Alone With Your Attention’, ‘Fan Club’ and ‘Sad Songs Make Me Happy’ all deal with this turbulent period in life where emotions run high and can be difficult to comprehend.

 The ‘Before and After’ stories in the collection are mixed with traditional American elements such as a patchwork story, a collegiate story, an army surplus story and a raw denim story.

These elements are all part of traditional American youth culture and in the WWAW18 collection they are tweaked and reworked to complement the contemporary streetwear aesthetics of Wood Wood. Key items in the collection include classic woollen coats with detachable nylon hoods and updated puffer jackets with Primaloft insulation.

 After having collaborated with the best brands in the sneaker industry and in line with the collegiate theme of the collection, the WWAW18 collection additionally introduces a unisex sneaker inspired by classic 80s runners in four different iterations

 The colour palette of the collection is centred around muted tones with pops of bright red and bright blue.

 In consonance with the focal points of the collection, main materials include corduroy, raw denim, army twill, heavy wool, delicate silk and melange knit alongside more technical garments incorporating Primaloft insulation.

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