5 March 2013

Bring out the Animal in you with Leo Jospeh's Silk Pocket Squares

Not only does Leo Joseph’s collection of pocket squares bring a little fun and quirkiness to your sartorial attire, but it is also designed to highlight the plight of endangered animals.
100% silk, printed and made in England with hand rolled hems in Leo Joseph's signature magenta. Price £40

Denzel the Gorilla - available in green, blue and lime.
Denzel in green

Gorillas are on the critically endangered list. There's only 782 alive in the wild in Rwanda and Uganda.

Sheila the Tiger - available in Royal Blue, white, cream and black
Sheila in Royal Blue
Tigers are hunted as trophies and for their body parts which are used in Chinese medicine. There are fewer than 2,500 remaining in the wild.

Ella the Elephant - available in grey and blue

Ella in Grey
Although protected, this protection is threatened.

Jeff the Turtle  - available in Ocean blue and teal
Jeff in Ocean Blue
Green Turtles are listed as an endangered species and a subpopulation in the Mediterranean is listed as critically endangered. Despite this they are killed for their meat and eggs.

Brian the Rhino - available in silver sky blue and navy blue.
Rhinos are on the verge of extinction due to poaching for their horns. About 11,000 white rhinos are now in the wild.
Sorry Brian is in hiding, to catch a look at him, you'll have to visit http://www.leojoseph.co.uk/pocket-squares


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